Educational sites for children: Science

General science

Jefferson Lab games & puzzles

Games and puzzles to do with mathematics and science

Periodic Table Game

Funbrain helps you learn the periodic table with a game

Super Science Fair Projects

If you need help or inspiration for your science fair, try this site

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is described as a museum of science, art and human perception, and is part of the San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. Check out the activities.

Optics 4 Kids

Activities and games to do with the science of light, put out by the Optical Society

Science Club

On the Science Hobbyist site, which is worth a look in its own right. The Science Club section has a variety of science projects, from simple to advanced, and links to other science sites.

Double Helix

Science activities from Australia's national science agency CSIRO


Fear of Physics

Good, fun explanations of various physical principles


Biology in motion

interactive biology learning activities, such as cartoons explaining intestinal gas, and and an evolution lab