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Here's the reason I haven't been updating my website or sending out my newsletter for a long time — I've been working on a dictionary. The Indo-European Cognate Dictionary, to be precise. It's out now, and I'm really excited about it. Excited that it's done, excited than I now have a physical copy that I can use myself, excited because — hey, I've written a dictionary! It weighs in at 545 pages, and it's available in the usual digital formats, except Kindle.

Useful sites for teachers: History

Best of History Web Sites is " an award-winning portal created for students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts"; sites are rated for usefulness and accuracy

History Matters: "the U.S. survey course on the web". Designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. history

U.S. Department of Education has some good U.S. history resources for schoolteachers

U.S. History teacher resources from the National Archives

Genealogy for kids: article on how children can participate in genealogical research, with links to helpful sites

A teacher's guide to the Holocaust: An award-winning site about the Holocaust, packed with information, photographs, movie clips etc.

A visual sourcebook of Chinese civilization: designed to add to the material teachers can use to help their students understand Chinese history, culture, and society

The British Museum has an extensive site on ancient Egypt


Useful sites for teachers: Physics

Flipping Physics has videos for high school physics teachers to "flip" the classroom

The Physics Classroom has a lot of great resources for high school physics, including Physics Interactives, Teacher Toolkits, and Concept Builders

Practical Physics presents “a collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of physical concepts and processes” for teachers of physics in schools and colleges.

Physics teachers might find some useful resources at

Science, Optics & You - teacher resources, student activities and interactive java tutorials in light, optics and color

Useful sites for teachers: Science

Visionlearning provides "educational content in science that is grounded in best practices of how people learn while still being concise and freely available" Their materials are targeted to both students and educators, and available in both English and Spanish. You can also choose to have them written in OpenDyslexic font.

Carleton College’s Science Education Research Center has produced a resource on "Guided Discovery Problems" and how they can help teach science, together with some examples.

Short instructional science and engineering  videos by BBC Rough Scientist Jonathan Hare

The University of California Museum of Paleontology has developed a website to help teachers get young people interested in science. Understanding Science aims to be “a fun, accessible, and free resource that accurately communicates what science is and how it really works."

National Science Digital Library has resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education

BioInformatics Free Resources for Science Education

Assessment resources in Math, English, Science relating to the New Zealand curriculum

Middle School Science has Free Lesson Plans & Resources for grades 5 – 8

Scientific Jokes

Frank Potter's Science Gems apparently has over 14,000 science resources sorted by category, subcategory, and grade level.

The Khan Academy is chock full of instructional videos, mainly on math and science topics.

Worseley School Science Files: science and math resources for all grades from middle elementary through senior high school

The American Association for the Advancement of Science site presents 600 items that teachers can use to test middle and early high school students' understanding in the earth, life, physical sciences, and the nature of science. Importantly, it also tests for common misconceptions.

Here's one I want to urge on any science teachers, believing as I do that every citizen should understand the basis of scientific thinking (and particularly the scientific meaning of the word 'theory'!), something that apparently so few (and so few teachers) do. Peer Review Education Resource provides several lesson plans to help teachers understand and explain how real science works.

Teachers might find the Art Institute of Chicago's course exploring the relationship between science and art useful and inspirational.

Super Science Fair Projects for help and inspiration with your science fair

The Exploratium has a collection of websites, apps, etc, relating to science:

Howtoons are one-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids "How To" build things. Each illustrated episode is a stand-alone fun adventure accessible to all, including the pre-literate.

TeachEngineering has "teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms" at

Useful sites for teachers: Space Science

NASA has a nice Solar System Exploration website

ASPIRE - Astrophysics interactive labs for teachers

Spacelink: instructional materials from NASA

NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

Multiverse is "A center of multicultural science education to support diversity in earth & space science."

Ancient Observatories

Useful sites for teachers: Geosciences

Multiverse is "A center of multicultural science education to support diversity in earth & space science."

The American Geosciences Institute have an array of curriculum materials for all levels, from elementary to college.

The Earth Science World ImageBank has photographs of all aspects of Earth Science, climate data from weather stations around the world, and an interactive game to discover oil

Earth Science Teaching Plans and Classroom Activities has some useful resources for teachers, with teaching ideas, articles, and maps linked to satellite images

Ocean sciences

Ocean Sciences Teacher Resource Center

NOAA Ocean Explorer has lesson plans available

Useful sites for teachers: Mathematics

YouCubed from Stanford University aims to provide research-based resources that are accessible and practical

Math, Science & Music brings together these three subjects with interactive and visual resources designed to engage students of all ages, as well as a number of teacher toolkits

Mathigon is an attractive site, calling itself the textbook of the future — its resources are aimed at Grades 6-12

OpenIntro has introductory statistics textbooks for high school and college

Bedtime Math is a great idea for parents — get young children off to a great start by helping them develop positive ideas about math through fun math activities

Thinking Mathematics! has resources for high school math teachers

Interactivate has interactive lessons for math students from Grade 3 to Undergraduate (pick audience level)

TED-Ed has short videos about everyday-life applications of mathematics.

The Khan Academy is chock full of instructional videos, mainly on math and science topics.

Worseley School Science Files: science and math resources for all grades from middle elementary through senior high school

Math Drills has thousands of downloadable math worksheets

Math Worksheets Land, run by a retired (and now homeschooling) teacher, has thousands of free, printable math worksheets, covering a wide array of topics, from kindergarten to high school, and all aligned with the core curriculum. A nice resource.

This teacher's site on probability has hundreds of "Starters of the Day" as well as other activities related to teaching probability

Yummy Math offers teachers and students math activities that are relevant to events in the world

NRICH is "enriching mathematics" with rich materials for students and teachers of different ages

Here’s an extensive list of algebra resources for high school students (Thanks to Alyssa Britton’s class at Jean Massieu Academy)

Get the Math as about practical applications of algebra. It uses video and interactive challenges, and is aimed at middle and high school students.

Maths Worksheets World, which has over 12,000 K-12 math worksheets, lesson, homework, and quizzes. There's also free math worksheet makers to help you make your own.

Math Worksheet Center claims to offer over 8000 math worksheets for K-12 students (5 - 18 years)

Mathcasts provide screencasts for mathematics, math movies if you like

an eclectic mix of sound, science, and Incan history intended to interest high school students in Euclidean geometry

TeachEngineering has "teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms" at


Maya mathematical system:



The IMF has lesson plans and student interactives relating to monetary matters


Codeacademy looks like a nice resource for learning how to program in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and jQuery. There’s also a section called After-School Programming to help young people get started with creating a programming club at their school.

Computer Science Unplugged is a YouTube channel containing 50 videos aimed at communicating computer science concepts to students of all ages.