Planning to Remember

Remembering Intentions has been updated and extended! The new book includes several new chapters, covering short-term memory and attention problems, forgetting what you are doing, and motivational issues.

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Format: Paperback, E-book (pdf, mobi, ePub)
212 pages
Publisher: Wayz Press (April, 2010)
978-0-9876522-6-3 (paperback)
978-0-9876522-7-0 (mobi)
978-1-927166-01-7 (ePub)
978-0-473-16749-3  (pdf)
ASIN: B004LGS556

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Table of Contents

Why read this book?

What this book is about

What this book should do for you

How memory works and why it sometimes fails

Memories are made of this

Why people fail to remember

Know thyself: a quiz

Remembering to do things

Memory for future actions is different from other types of memory

Retrospective memory

Forgetting routine actions is not a failure of memory

Short-term goals and short-term memory

Working memory

Working memory and attention

Age and attention

Forgetting what you’re doing

Short-term memory problems are attention problems

Action sequences are why we make action slips

Common types of action slip

Situations when action slips are most likely

Have I done it already?

What makes some people more prone to absent-minded errors?

How to prevent action slips

Structuring your goals

A hierarchy of goals

Ordering your goals

The problem of suspended intentions

Circumstances that affect your remembering

Event-based retrieval cues are better than time-based

Is being too busy a valid excuse?

Wanting to remember is not enough!

Timing and complexity

Are some people better at remembering intentions?

Age differences

Individual differences

General strategies for remembering intentions

Strategies people use

Effective strategies for remembering intentions

Mental strategies for better recall

Using environmental memory aids

Strategies for specific tasks

Remembering appointments

Remembering anniversaries and birthdays

Remembering arrangements

Remembering errands and chores

Remembering to take medicine

Your master strategy

Assessing memory tasks

Deciding on your memory strategies


It’s not all about memory

We fail to achieve intentions for many reasons

Believing in your abilities

The bottom line

Appendix A: Theories of prospective memory

Appendix B: External memory aids

Appendix C: The coding mnemonic

Appendix D: Specific strategies for specific tasks

Appendix E: Questionnaire

Glossary of terms


Chapter Notes